Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Peeps and Edible Grass Cupcakes

For this post I was inspired by Pinterest, and the edible Easter grass I found at Target!  I recieved a box of cake  and frosting mix from my wonderful Grandmother, along with a lot of other baking essentials, and decided to make some Spring inspired cupcakes.

All I have is a picture of my finished project for this post but I think they turned out pretty cute!


  1. I've made these using coconut that I dyed green... then I added tiny jelly beans to look like little eggs. The kids in my daughter's class loved them for Easter!

  2. I found some edible Easter grass and it was gross! I definitely agree with the green coconut suggestion! I make little nests out of peanut butter and chocolate rice krispie treats (smashed into a mini muffin tin) squish an indent in like a nest, sprinkle with green coconut and put some robins egg whoppers or Easter peanut m&ms in as "eggs".