Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Tree Skirt

Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties. It seems everyone is having one lately, and I've never actually had an ugly sweater to wear. It's just not my thing.  So this year, I saw a pin of someone who converted a tree skirt into a skirt for a holiday party.  Super cute idea, and I just had to try it out. 

 Of course I waited until the last minute to make it, so I went with the easiest steps possible.  I wrapped the tree skirt around my waist, and had my mom pin across it where the extra fabric. This created a guide for me to use when cutting off the extra fabric.   (back side of the skirt is below)

Then I used sticky Velcro pieces to hold the skirt in place.  Unfortunately, the Velcro wasn't sticking that well to the felt of my skirt so I had to sew them on.   

I was going to throw away the skirt after the holiday season, but I'll be keeping it, everyone loved it! 

A Grinch Date Night

Christmas movies are guilty pleasure of mine, I will try my hardest to watch them all in the month before Christmas. However, my boyfriend doesn't share this interest with me. So when I found a date night idea from the Dating Divas for dinner and the movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas, one I know he'll watch, I knew I had to plan it for the bf and I. We had a great time planning a menu with a theme, and it was easy and free!

I printed out this FREE printable invitation, and delivered it to J's house.

For dinner we had a green smoothie, and tried to have a green meal, but the pesto didn't have a lot of color.

Winter Porch Decorations

After so many of the neighbors complemented my fall decorations, I had to continue with winter.  
I really wish I had some wooden skis though....

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DIY Advent Calendar

When I was a child, one of my favorite things about the countdown to Christmas, was the advent calendar my family had.  It was a wooden tree that hung on the wall, and each day you would take a mini ornament out of a box and place it on the tree.  My sister and I had to split the days by even and odd so we wouldn't fight over who got to do it each day.

So when I found a wooden tree advent calendar at Micheals I knew I needed it.  I love having this new advent calendar that reminds me a little Christmases past.

I painted the tree and glued Christmas paper to the front of each drawer, 
and added sparkling sticker numbers. 

Hanukkah Table

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoyed the break from work as much as I did.  Here's a late post from a while ago.  I've been busy blogging for my work blog, thriftingdenver.org, and had no time to also do things for my own blog.  I'm not Jewish, but Goodwill wanted to show Denver our readers that you can find items for any holiday in our stores, so I created this tablescape.