Saturday, June 30, 2012

Picture Frame Dry Erase Board

One of my best friends got married the last day of June so I spent a few of my weekly pinterest activities on wedding related projects. But now that they are married I can post what I did!

For the couples wedding present I made a craft that I found when I first joined Pinterest and I was just waiting for someone to get married so I could make it.  It's another one of those pins that doesn't link to the original source. If you know please pass it along to me.  The picture is below so you can see my inspiration.

I liked everything about this dry erase board so mine is very similar. Although now I have some great ideas for the next few :)

Sadly I don't own a glue gun (it's on my list of crafty things I need) so I bought flowers that had sticky stuff already on the back. Hopefully the newlyweds like it!

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  1. I made one of these for my husband and I. He has told me he looks forward to reading what I write each morning. Great idea!