Friday, March 22, 2013

Paper Strip Carrots

This cute Easter decoration is another paper craft I love. The original post is from Lisa Storms.

What you need:
Orange and green cardstock
Paper cutter
Craft scissors with a design

I marked 1 inch wide sections across the orange cardstock and then used my fancy craft scissors to cut the strips so they had a jagged edged.  I tried the strips in different lengths, smaller was better. Also cut 1 inch wide strips from the green paper keep these long.

Take a green strip and make and 'M' shape. Take the bottom parts of the 'M' touch so it forms a heart.

Take the ends of orange strips and line them up with the green so it's inside the two orange strips.

Then fold the orange down so the leaves are on top and you can staple the bottom of the carrot.

 Hole punch and slide onto ribbon.

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