Thursday, May 23, 2013

Paper Leaves

What you Need:

Floral wire, any size thickness would work. 
Scrapbook paper, more designs are better, I only used 4 and wished I had more variety
Glue, I used Tacky Glue
Scissors and/or exacto knife
Cutting board
Sticks or branches

Use cardboard to cut out a few leaf shapes to use as a template. It may be easier to use an exacto knife to follow the cardboard, or to draw an outline of the leaf with pencil then use an exacto knife or scissors to cut them out.

Try to make the leaves uniform as possible, it makes it easier when putting them together later on.

I made three different sizes of leaves.  I also found it was easier to cut the floral wire into various sizes and try to flatten one side as much as possible so it doesn’t poke through the paper.

Once you have all your leaves cut out start pairing them up so a different design is on each side of the leaf. Then glue them together with the wire inside. I used tacky glue and some of them accidently dried with a curve but it ended up making them look like real leaves so I did it with more.

After they dried completely I used my exacto knife to clean up the leaves since they weren’t all the same size.  Then I started attaching them to the sticks. I had one stick and one branch to get a few shapes. 

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