Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chevron Art

This weekend was very productive on the craft front.  The boyfriend was working at a race in Colorado Springs, and I didn't have a work event so I had all of Sunday to get things done.  I've been working on this one for a while, going through magazines and making a collection of pages, and I'm excited it's done.  I really like this craft!

What You Need:

Spray Adhesive
Paper Cutter


Go through magazines and tear out all pages that have bright patterns. A lot of ads are really good. I also had a few issues with home magazines that has pictures of flowers and fabrics that work well.  Even if you don't think a picture or pattern is big enough, save it because you'll have smaller parts to fill.

I cut a 1.5" x 6" strip out of cardboard and used that and a round cutter to cut the magazines.  I quickly realized I'm not very good at doing that in a straight line, so all the strips were turning out to be different sizes. I couldn't think of another way to cut them, without using a pen, which could show up after cutting. So after the strips were all done, I used a paper cutter to trim them all down to 1"x 6" strips.

Next you just spray the back of each strip with spray adhesive and place onto the posterboard in a chevron pattern.  After all the strips dry, cut off the edges that went over and frame. The only bad things about this were... 1. I didn't make my chevron pattern straight, and I'm a little OCD so it's driving me crazy! 2. I had the spray glue ALL over my hands. I did find out that nail polish remover is a great way to get the glue off my hands.

**My BFF loved this art so much she wanted one for her birthday.  
Hers came out a little better than the first one, I got the chevrons to be straight**

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