Monday, September 30, 2013

DIY Fabric Napkins

Wow! Time flies when you're having fun...or in my case working.  After a month of nonstop work events, I'm finally able to spend some time writing blog posts for some of the things I've been working on.

A few years ago for my birthday my mom got me a sewing machine because I had all these great ideas for things I wanted to make, an apron, tote bags, skirts… my list was long.  Since then I have made a few things, but the completed list is pretty short. So when I created my summer bucket list I added a few sewing projects. 

I had about a yard of fabric in different patterns for different holidays, so I decided to make 6 napkins with each design. 

What you Need:

At least 1 1/2 yards of cotton fabric of your choice  
Sewing Machine
Sewing supplies- thread, scissors, tape measure, pins etc…


First thing to remember when sewing is always wash and iron the fabric before starting. It’s always bad if the fabric decides to shrink the first time you wash it.  Then measure the fabric, and figure out how big you can make each napkin. Mine were all cut about 14” in each direction.  

After cutting all the fabric into squares I used an iron to hold the edges I would sew. To make it easier I only did the two, opposite sides.  I folded a less than a ¼ inch of the fabric over, and then folded once more at ¼ inch.

Since the first fold is smaller, I wanted to make sure I sewed it, so I sewed very close to the edge. 
Continue with the same steps as above to fold and sew the remaining edges of your napkins, and you're done. 

The napkins were so easy to make, I decided to buy more fabric to make a few napkins to keep on hand for housewarming gifts. 

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