Sunday, March 9, 2014

Thrifted Dining Chairs: Redo

Fixing up these chairs has been a project of mine for a few weekends and they are finally done! I found these chairs for free outside a shopping mall. Apparently a store was getting new "husband chairs" as I call them, there were more than 20 of them by the dumpster. The chairs themselves were in really great condition. They are sturdy and have great wood and padding for the cushions. I think I accidentally deleted my before pictures of the whole chairs, but the ones below are the ugly fabric on the cushions and some of the damage they had.

After finding the perfect fabric I removed all the staples from the bottom of the chair cushions, there were a ton! A good sign they were made well I guess. These cushions were a little harder than most to recover because they have a inverted corner on two sides and I had to figure out how get the fabric to fold correctly.

Since I'm crazy, I decided to sand and restain the chairs. After hours of standing, probably 2 and a half per chair, I was ready to stain.

It was freezing this day so I was all bundled up in my Dad's work coat

I decideded on a mahogany stain because I like to look of dark wood, but the espresso and balck stains were just too dark for me.

Love my "new" chairs!

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