Sunday, February 22, 2015

Girls Spa Day

When I started this blog 2 years ago, it was a New Year's Resolution to blog once a week for a whole year.  I thought if I gave myself a goal, and was held accountable by my (not so) many readers, I would actully make an effort to try new crafts, DIY projects, and recipes. I did pretty well that first year, then I started slacking off in the past year.  So m yNew Year's Resolution for 2015 is to host a girls night at my house once a month.

Although it seems like I'm being selfless and providing a place for all the best girls in my life to have some girl time, I'm also super excited to throw a mini party each month.

January was Game Night and we played a few Minute to Win it Games, which were a blast! (sorry I didn't take pictures of them)

February was Spa Day and my roomate and I went all out.

We let everyone choose a single time use mask and after soaking these washcloths in water, we put them in a crockpot on low so they were warm when we wiped off the face masks. 

We also wanted everyone to leave with a favor, so we decided to make sugar scrubs.  This is such an easy thing to make, I'm shocked I haven't done it before!  Basically we put a few cups of granualted sugar in a bowl and added enough melted coconut oil to make the mixture a paste. Then add in a few drops of essential oils and you're done!  We chose Eucalyptus, Jasmine and Lemon so everyone could find one smell they liked. 

We even set up a nail polish station and watched Mean Girls while talking about girly things :)

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