Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Paper Ornaments: Flower Shaped

These flower inspired ornaments from How About Orange, look great with the other paper ornaments I made on this post.  I may have a gone a little paper ornament crazy.

What You Need: 
12"x12" or 8.5"x11" sheets of paper with color or a pattern on both sides
Double stick tape, I used scrapbooking mounting squares

Cut the paper into 1" strips. Stack them in one pile and staple together in the middle on the stack, and fold them in half like a little book.

My stapler wasn't big enough to reach the middle so I opened it up and stapled onto the sewing cutting board. Even then it wasn't strong enough to make it through all the papers so a heavy duty stapler may be worth it.  

I put a photo mounting square on the tip of the first paper and bent it toward the center.  Continue bending the papers to the center until the flower shape is finshed. 

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