Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hearts Inside Hearts Paper Garland

I think Valentine's Day may be my favorite holiday.  Not because I am one of those girls who wants some romantic evening or that I'm in love with love. I love Valentine's Day because there are SO many crafts I want to do. Last year I made 2 different types of paper heart garlands found here and here. This year I found a few more heart garlands to try.  The pin for the first one I made links to the homepage of On To Baby, I tried to find the original directions on the blog but wasn't able to.

What you Need:
12' x 12' card stock paper, either solid color or patterned on both sides
Paper cutter


Cut 1 inch strips from the card stock. I had 4 sheets of paper and made 12 paper hearts. 

Put 16 strips of paper aside (two of each design). Cut the remaining strips to be 9 inches long (I did two of each design).  Keep the 3 inch strips you cut off.

Take two 12 inch strips (I used 2 that were the same pattern but you don't have to) on the outside of two 9 inch strips. I made sure the papers were positioned right so the pattern was the same on the outside of the heart. Make the ends flush and staple. 

Then make the two strips on each side flush, then fold then into the middle where they meet. Add a 3 inch strip in the middle and staple.

You can also do this with 3 different sizes of strips. 

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  1. Love this one!

    Thanks for doing this blog, I love seeing what you make!