Sunday, April 27, 2014

Paper Dahlia

I've had this pin on my board for forever. So I finally bought a few sheets of the same color of paper at a trip to the craft store and got to gluing.

What you need:

10 sheets of cardstock in a matching color
5 sheets of cardstock in another matching color
Paper cutter or scissors
Cardboard circle
Glue, tacky or hot glue


First cut a circle out of the cardboard, this will hold all the petals of your flower and can be any size you'd like. If it's bigger you'll need more sheets of paper to have a full flower.

Next cut each sheet of paper into fourths. Roll each piece of paper into a cone and glue to hold the shape. This took a while to do because I had to hold each rolled "petal" while it dried. After the petals are done drying glue the petals around the outer edge of the cardboard circle. To make it easier to glue each petal, flatten the end that is getting glued.

Then work your way in adding petals in between the firt layer. When I got halfway to the middle, I switched petal colors to add some color.  When I got to the flowers in the very middle, I cut the cone in half so they were easier to glue in place.

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