Thursday, May 22, 2014

Family Vacation: Laguna Beach and Balboa Island

Laguna Beach

We played tourists on Tuesday and walked around, Balboa Island and Laguna Beach.  I had been to Laguna Beach before when I was in high school, but I loved being there again. Even if the weather was cold (60 degrees) and windy.  

I was watching for the waves

And then I was soaked anyway

Our favorite store in Laguna Beach was Tuvalu: a cute home decor store with great ideas for wedding and housewarming gifts. We however, only bought things for ourselves ;)

Newport Beach Marina

After grabbing lunch at a Market/Deli in Balboa we picked up a Duffy boat to tour around the marina.  We rented our Duffy from this rental place and had 2 hours to drive the boat around the marina.  They were very prompt, we even showed up early and they had us on the boat in minutes, it was pre-season though .

Ryan, gave us the quick run through of how to turn on the boat, and where we could and couldn't drive the boat. We may have been turned around for a little bit, but that wasn't Ryan's fault ;)

Me and my uncle on the Duffy Boat

My aunt and mom

My cousin Ashley and her fiancé Richard

With the wind being so strong we thought the Duffy boat would be a bust, but luckily they have plastic "walls" we zipped up.

We found some great houses, when we win the lotto we're ready to go!

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