Sunday, May 18, 2014

Paper Pinwheels

Hey everyone! I'm so excited for warm weater, especially since we just had a crazy mid-May snowstorm in Denver.  And not just a sprinkling of snow, almost a foot of heavy wet snow that broke tree branches.

So while it was snowing, I was crafting paper pinwheels and dreaming of summer.  Believe it or not I don't remember making paper pinwheels before, and I had to look up a few blogs with directions. Lucky for me they are easy to make. 

What You Need: 
Cardstock paper with designs on both sides
Hole Punch
Wooden Dowels
Washi Tape


I used 12 inch, 10 inch, 9 inch and 8 inch square papers  to see how much the sizes changed.  The 12" pinwheel was a bit big, I recommend smaller ones. 

You can either fold the square in half both directions, or use a ruler to mark the middle of the paper

Using your folded or drown lines, cut from each corner of the paper halfway to the middle.

Then hole punch every other corner of the paper. Pull each hole punched corner to the middle of the paper and put a brad through the four corners. 

Push the brad through the cross mark in the middle of the paper and push the metal tabs out to hold in place.

Wrap washi tape on the wooden dowels and hot glue one on to the back of each pinwheel.

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